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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dispatches From LLSIF World: Come Back, Hanayo-san!

I truly did not want to care about the latest, biggest Love Live game event - aptly titled Why Do I Get So Hungry? - but that was before I saw the special edition of Hanayo that was up for grabs. Hanayo, not the one on the right, but in her special sailing outfit, all shiny and sparkly.

After that, all I wanted was her, and all I could think about was rice. Lots and lots of rice. You can't win the game without lots of rice, y'all. Apparently, Hanayo is hungry but her tastes aren't very eclectic. Make her a dozen riceballs and she's good.

The event ended today. I have no Hanayo to show for my efforts - for the constant song playing, occasional usage of love gems to finish hard songs, the gathering of rice for event points and those smaller, lesser awards meant to push me to the end. But the end never came. My event ranking got me two love gems for my final prize, not the adorable sailor suited idol I really wanted.

I've never been so disappointed in a video game in all my life - especially in a handheld smartphone game! Geez!

In my defense, the song that most people were playing over and over again to get the most event points - Kodoku na Heaven - is a damn tough song to beat. Once you get beyond the easiest difficulty, you run the risk of your fingers snapping off on your iPhone. I didn't even touch the hardest level - I could never get that far.

I did, however, score another idol in my neverending quest for Hanayo. Leo is a super adorable tomboy who apparently really digs the sea; my Leo is the one with the crab and the bucket and the short shorts. Unfortunately, I haven't done much with Leo to date. My idol teams are pretty solid and I'm not looking to mess that up, even if Leo is cute.

That's the tricky bit about Love Live: on occasion, they throw up these amazing events where the prizes include rare as heck idols for your club, but the songs you have to play are extremely tricky, the amount of live event points required to reach the end is only obtainable by the most obsessed Love Live fans, and they never seem to last long enough. This one was ten days. I could have used twice that! Maybe then, I would have gotten a Hanayo of my own.

I do however have three different Rins. Question: why do I need three different versions of Rin for? Answer: what can't I do with three Rins? Eventually, at this rate, I will have an idol team consisting of just Rin and we shall take over the world with our 'genki girl' spirit wave. And then I shall exact revenge upon the game for not letting me win a shiny Hanayo.

Oh, LLSIF, you are breaking my heart, but I'm still playing you. I need to take my girls to stardom, after all!