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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Maka Vs Chrona: Brief Thoughts On Soul Eater 24

DWMA braces for the final showdown as the Kishin awakens from his slumber at the heart of the moon. Unable to contain his rage, Noah is the first to attack, the Book of Eibon and "BREW" fueling his assault. Despite his formidable efforts, though, Noah is overcome not by the Kishin, but by the sudden appearance of Crona. With the world hanging in the balance, DWMA can only wonder who will prove to be the greater foe--the Kishin...or Crona...

This was just a really good volume of Soul Eater. Is it okay to leave it at that? I can't even explain why: it's literally an entire book of Chrona and Maka duking it out on the freaking moon. Actually, yeah, that says it all. It's a big ol' MOON FIGHT, with bonus full-blood-madness Chrona and Maka/Soul really hitting the soul resonance ability with their best efforts since they first partnered.

I am usually bored by so much fighting but this time, I was incredibly entertained. Maybe it was the striking visuals of Chrona's madness, partnered with their abilities in motion and the mirrored calmness of Maka and Soul's wavelength against the darkness. Perhaps it was the fact that one of the moon's teeth is knocked out from Chrona's powers; that scene was both horrifying and hilarious, and it's that combination that pretty much best defines Soul Eater at its best.

I was glad for so many things in this book: the team efforts from Maka and her back-up squad; the usage of Maka's dad as both a paternal figure as a weapon; the callback to Medusa and the horrible psychological damage she did to her own child; the fact that the Kishin is still among them and still a tangible threat. The art was on point, the pacing was fast but not ridiculous, and it ends on a surprisingly badass moment from Death the Kid which just has to be seen firsthand.

I haven't gotten my hands on the final volume of Soul Eater, which I know is already out yet via Yen Press - libraries, man, I don't think manga is high on their priority list! - but judging by this book and the preview for the finale, I already know it's gonna be a doozy. Hopefully, it'll make all of the waiting worth it.