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Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Ebook Is Now Available Online: Did You Leave Any For Me

Good golly gosh, remember last year when my first published piece of fiction, Did You Leave Any For Me, premiered in Wayward Ink's anthology, Stranded? Now you can buy just that story in a stand-alone ebook - and it's available starting today! I am excited to share this story with an even wider audience than before, and I hope y'all are excited in turn to read it. I think you'll like it, if you like stories about second chances, bottles of champagne, and questionable bathroom etiquette. And that just covers a small part of this ebook!

Get it in as many sexy, shiny formats as your e-reader can handle, from PDF to Kindle's mobi files. Lots of purchase links are included at the bottom of the post. Further details on the story itself below!

Did You Leave Any For Me: Two ex-lovers, one hotel room, and a random act of technology. Will they fall out, or will they fall back in love? Ollie and Shay are on-again, off-again boyfriends who have performed the "one last fling" dance so many times, it's become routine. This time, however, their last fling might just become the start of something new.

A malfunction with the door lock of their hotel room leaves both Shay and Ollie trapped inside, at the mercy of the hotel staff, as well as each other's prickly personalities. A lack of alternatives leads to the hashing out of old fights, the introduction of new fights, and a glimmer of hope that this years-old relationship can still be salvaged. Only time and a bottle of booze will tell whether their series of hotel mishaps is a blessing in disguise.


Sheridan looked up from buttoning his shirt. “What do you mean, it’s locked?”
“I mean it’s locked—as in, it’s locked. Can’t be opened. See?” The other man jiggled the handle of the hotel door as a demonstration. “Locked.”
“How did that happen?”
He threw up his hands. It only highlighted the fact that he wasn’t wearing pants. “I’m sorry, Shay when did I become a locksmith in the past hour?”
“Call me Shay again, Oliver I dare you.”
“Or what?” Oliver sighed. “Never mind, don’t answer that. I’ll call room service, Sha—Sheridan.”
“You do that.” Sheridan had finished dressing, and was now examining his face in a mirror that had been sitting on the bedside table. He grimaced and began to tame a lock of gray hair that threatened to turn full cowlick. “And tell them we need more champagne.”
“I’m not paying for that!” Oliver covered the receiver of the phone with one hand. He balanced himself against the wall with the other. “Once the door’s open, it’s over. We’re never seeing each other again.”
“That’s what you said last time.”
“Which was three months ago. This time, it’ll be forever.”
“Another thing you said last time.”

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