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Monday, April 20, 2015

On Living the Love Live Life

Forgive me. I have fallen into a hole, and that hole is Love Love School Idol Festival. My days have now been taken over by live shows, special events and deciding which is best girl out of my current posse of wannabe idols.

Is it any surprise though? The Love Live anime and smartphone game have been incredibly popular lately; my Twitter feed has been inundated with updates on LLSIF special events, fan art of school idols and friend IDs. Everyone seems to have their favorite song and girl and understand the game so much better than I do, someone who has yet to finish a single song in Hard mode. I've been playing for less than a week, though, and I also attend school and work so it's not like I have time to play Snow Halation every hour until I beat it across all difficulty levels.

I actually thought I wouldn't be using my iPhone for games - ha! LLSIF is the main reason why I keep having to recharge my battery (well, that and the 5C has a crappy battery life out of the box). I haven't gotten very far in the story and it's been difficult training my idols - I haven't managed to unlock a single girl's storyline! - but I'm gonna keep playing and keep trying and hopefully score a Hanayo before the week is over.

Look for more updates on LLSIF as I progress through the songs! PS: Rin is best girl, obviously.