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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

AMV Of The Week: But First, Would You Like To See An Unrelated Picture Of A 15-Year-Old Girl In A Bikini?

Wowzers, that's a long title. Anyway.

This week’s AMV-but-not-really is all about Persona 4. And unimportant gas station attendants. And dead bodies. And mascot characters. And balls. You have to watch all four parts, it is just that good. And then roll around on the ground because that’s all there is, fffffff-

AMV: Persona 4 Comic Dub
Author: Dub by StrawberryCreme26; original fan comic by hiimdaisy
Music: N/A
Warnings: N/A, although it’s pretty . . . whacked out. And has some serious double entendre verging on straight up naughty.