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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AMV Of The Week: Sweet Beats

This week’s AMV is a pretty darn awesome showcase of the ninjas of Naruto and their amazing fighting techniques, from Neji's Byakugan to Rock Lee's signature Taijutsu moves and so on. Set up as a video-based report of data collected from drone missions to Anko, it's a stellar use of video editing techniques and a clear love for the action that sets Naruto apart from its genre brothers. Although some might once again wonder why the hell a 'verse that relies on animals to send messages also have VCR players, but whatever.

AMV: Naruto's Technique Beat
Author: Decoy Ops
Music: N/A; seems to be author-created techno beats?
Warnings: Lots of fast-paced clips cut together; some strobe effects/flashing colors