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Friday, November 25, 2011


Love © 2011 Jacques Pena

Innovative Art Book Created In Partnership With Autodesk To Benefit Japanese Disaster Recovery; Exhibit Of Artwork Also Takes Place In Las Vegas At Autodesk University

VIZ Media has announced the upcoming debut of ART FOR HOPE, a limited edition digital art book anthology created in partnership with Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) to benefit Architecture for Humanity. The anthology will be available for a limited time, from December 1, 2011 to May 31, 2012, for $4.99 through and the VIZ Manga App for iPad®, iPhone® and iPod® touch. 100% of VIZ Media’s net proceeds will support Architecture for Humanity’s ongoing disaster reconstruction efforts in Japan. To learn more about these rebuilding projects, please visit:

Each of the 40 artists participating in the ART FOR HOPE anthology used Autodesk® SketchBook® digital paint and drawing software applications in some way to create original pieces for the anthology. The artists, both professional and amateur, hail from around the world and from diverse fields, and range in style from the realistic to the fantastic, each illustrating the theme of “Hope.” Notable contributors include Eisner Award and Harvey Award winner Rob Guillory, Harvey Award winner Lark Pien, muralist Sirron Norris, and MAMESHIBA artists Jorge Monlongo and Gemma Corell.
First Flight © 2011 Dave Guertin

Selections from ART FOR HOPE will also be exhibited at the Autodesk annual user conference, Autodesk University, taking place at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, NV from November 29th to December 1st. Access to the exhibit is free to the public within the Creative Studio a unique hands-on space to celebrate the creative spirit and showcasing a variety of Autodesk software and products. More information on the exhibit and conference is available at: First Flight © 2011 Dave Guertin 

VIZ Media and Autodesk are very proud of and grateful to the following artists for their contributions to the ART FOR HOPE digital art anthology:

Janet Alvarado                                   Don’t Lose Hope
Asuka 111 (Patipat Asavasena)          Hope
Azure                                                 Untitled
Greg Baldwin of CreatureBox              Sheltered
Alan Bay                                            A Little Piece of Hope
Drew Blom                                         Calvin Hedge and the Iron Golem
Steve Boura                                       Bright Future
Carsten Bradley                                 A Wish for You
Matthew Britton                                 Regrowth
Veronica Casson                                 The Guest Room
Geikou Chen                                        Rainbow Bridge to Tomorrow
Gemma Correll                                   Pierre, le Chat Français
Kalii Delarosa                                     The Rainbow in the Rain
Conrado Hernan Villa Gil                     Untitled
Dave Guertin                                     First Flight
Rob Guillory                                       Hope
Rodolpho Langhi                                A New Sunrise
C. Lijewski                                          Light Side of Dark
Chris Lui                                            Birds of a Feather
Holly Mongi                                        Good Morning, Friend
Jorge Monlongo                                  The Sprout and the Bean
Brian Muelhaupt                                 Ojizo-sama
Shaun Mullen                                     Kodama (Tree Spirits)
Susan Murtaugh                                Enduring Beauty
Ray N.                                                Deliverance
Joe Ng                                               Rise Above the Storm
Sirron Norris                                       Kibou
Jacques Pena                                     Love
Luis Peso                                            Gathering Hope
Lark Pien                                            Wishes, Dreams
Kyle Runciman                                   Ready to Roll
Francesco Salvati                               DEAR HOPE
Janet Shaw                                        The Hope of Japan
Brad Silverman                                   Dancing Dragon
Joseph Strachan                                 Flight of the Phoenix
James Turner                                     Never Give Up
Colie Wertz                                        Sea Turtle
Pinar Yalcin                                        Beam of Light
John Yandall                                       One Little Sign
Jim Zub                                              Seed Starter

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