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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fujoshi O'Clock: Bishiecon Cabaret 2011 Edition

So - Bishiecon Cabaret 2011! December 17-18 at the Crowne Plaza Clayton in Saint Louis, Missouri! The best darn boys' love/yaoi convention in the Midwest!

I'll be there! So here's the million dollar question: who's going too?

W-what? Y'all don't know why you should come?

First of all, we are awesome. Everyone on staff is amazing and we always put 150% of our hearts and bodies into every convention we run - Bishiecon especially cause we just love it that much!

We are a niche local convention. We are the -only- yaoi convention in the Midwest! The only other yaoi con in the United States I can think of is the king of BL cons, YaoiCon, which is in California. What better way to support your local fannish efforts than to come to Bishiecon and be a badge-carrying con-goer for two gloriously naughty days?

We're 18+ this year! All day, every day! Everything is 18+ only! DICK CANDLES ON THE TABLES, Y'ALL. Note: I have yet to see these fabled dick candles, but I'm sure they will be glorious.

We have guests, glorious guests! Like Emirain, creators of the yaoi webcomic Teahouse! Warky T. Chocobo, musician and yaoi comedian (he performed at last year's Bishiecon and he was hilarious)! Our special performer, Gorgeous Phineas: Strip Magician! And maybe more to come!

We have lots of awesome events! Including a Yaoi AMV contest and a Saturday night dance with a kickass light show! And karaoke, natch - can't have Bishiecon without karaoke.

So, seriously, if you aren't busy during then, come on and have fun at Bishiecon! Tell all your yaoi-loving friends too. Heck, tell the ones that don't love yaoi as much; even non-fujoshi can have fun at Bishiecon! Pre-registration price is sitting pretty at 20 bucks - 35 if you want to have Sunday morning brunch with our lovely guests. And I would advise to GET DAT BRUNCH PASS NOW, because the Plaza has amazing food - and the brunch pass won't be available at the door!

Love, peace, and bishonen. And register for Bishiecon 2011 already!