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Monday, November 21, 2011

Interesting News Piece About OEL Manga Of The Day

Via Comics Worth Reading: Jen Lee Quick Still Plans To Continue Off*Beat
It will be finished and the last book will be more easily accessible then previous installments.This is slated to happen in 2012 regardless if my publishing plan follows through.I will of course keep people updated regularly on deviantart as soon as i am certain of anything. 
Since Tokoypop is gone, she says she’s “working with a new publisher”. In the meantime, she promises to post related “doodles” at her deviantart page.
I remember reading the first volume of Quick's Off*Beat series back in 2005 and finding it true to its title, as well as being a surprisingly sweet read about two awkward young boys and their secrets. I would love to be able to actually finish reading the series; this much mean that OEL manga as we knew it back in the days of Tokyopop isn't completely dead. Perhaps Quick is working with Yen Press, who has quite a few original English-language releases currently under their belt - and selling rather well against their manga/manwha counterparts.

What other OEL manga from the Tokyopop line do you wish would get a revival? I personally would love to see Bizenghast finish its run - in print, mind you! - and maybe have a re-release of its previous volumes since they are now all OOP.

Also, although it is a Del Rey Manga title, I want more Yokaiden! The second volume was released in 2009 and I haven't heard a peep out of the series yet - which is quite a shame, since I think the more it develops, the more it could become the OEL equivalent of Natsume Yuujinchou or Mushishi.