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Monday, November 28, 2011

AMV Of The Week: Let's Eva!

This week’s AMV is one of those deliciously wonderful mash-ups of unlikely paired anime series that I seem to post so much on this blog. And this time, it's Neon Genesis Evangelion done up in the style of Cowboy Bebop's jazzy opening sequence. It's one of the best OP mixes I've seen yet and it really does work, mixing an out-there mecha series with an equally out-there action series to the tune of the coolest bebop song in anime history (sorry, Baccano!, but Yoko Kanno did it first).

Also, insert whine about featuring Aqualine Studios twice so far for AMV Of The Week. Yeah, yeah, I hear ya! It's a coincidence, I swear!

AMV: Eva Bebop
Author: Scintilla/Aqualine Studios (reuploaded by Sorie)
Music: The Seatbelts' "Tank!"
Warnings: N/A