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Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Stream On The Block: Meet Viki

Most anime fans know about Crunchyroll as a great source for legit subs of anime series - but a much smaller number are probably aware of Viki, which streams subs of programs that use crowd-sourced translations. They are certainly not limiting themselves to small titles with zero fanbases either as shown by latest news of their license acquisitions, all anime titles, that fit in perfectly with their already existing programming.

According to ANN, some of their recent streaming pick-ups include Black Jack 21, Oniisama E..., Master of Epic, and Waimo-kun. I actually posted about Black Jack 21 in an earlier edition of License Line, so you can imagine I'm super thrilled that Viki will be streaming it so more people can enjoy it (although I still want to own it on DVD!). More info can be found below:

Viki, a website that streams authorized videos with crowd-sourced translations, is releasing eight more television and original net anime titles. The website announced on Thursday that it is streaming Leiji Matsumoto's television anime Ozma as it airs in Japan. 
The first 17 episodes of the Black Jack television anime and its Black Jack 21 sequel are currently available on the website. Crunchyroll is also streaming Black Jack online in North America and the United Kingdom, but this is the first time that Black Jack 21 has been licensed in North America.
As a relatively new player to the streaming game, Viki is certainly making a big splash with these titles. I certainly hope that their entrance into anime ends in success for them. And I certainly can't wait to watch Oniisama E... online! What do you think of Viki? Will you be watching anime with subs on Viki anytime soon, or just stick to your usual sources?