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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Signal Boost!: The Artifice Graphic Novel Kickstarter

Any long-time readers know that when it comes to OEL yaoi manga, one of my favorites is Alex Woolfson's webcomic Artifice, a male/male science-fiction drama that has become immensely popular over the past year - and for good reason. Every update is a thrill to read, the characters are multi-dimensional and make the story come alive, and Woolfson's mixture of humor and action is one not to be mixed.

So, naturally, I have to bring to you the news that Woolfson has started up a Kickstarter fund for the release of Artifice in graphic novel form. His page explains very thoroughly what funders will get, as well as some essential info behind Artifice itself and who writes it. I especially liked how Woolfson talks about why he started up Artifice, an answer that will resonate with other LGBT authors.

Why did you write Artifice? 
As a gay kid growing up, I loved sci-fi and action stories. But I never got to see what I really wanted to see and that’s kick-ass genre stories with gay heroes. Not just gay characters who were the comic relief or who committed suicide or got killed in the end so that the straight protagonist could wind up with the girl. But good stories with real, three-dimensional heroes who get a chance to save the day and who also just happens to like other guys.  
With Artifice, I've tried to create the kind of story I’ve always wanted to see.

It has already reached its projected goal - and then some - but the more backers it gets, the more delicious goodies Alex and co. will create for Artifice backers, including bonus comics and exclusive Q&A videos among others.

So - if you have some spare cash hanging around and want to support a groundbreaking sci-fi LGBT webcomic's foray into print, why not give some Woolfson's way? And don't forget to read his new web series, The Young Protectors, a story about superheroes which looks more than promising.