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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Osamu Tezuka MMF Link Post

This February for Manga Moveable Feast was all about Osamu Tezuka's works - and it was loads of fun, blogging about a manga-ka that deserves all the attention he receives. His works are legendary pieces of art that continue to attract new generations of readers. Tezuka was one of those prolific historic manga-ka who created so many memorable stories and characters. For my own blog, I especially focused on his mysterious surgeon character Black Jack, among others. I can't wait to do more blog posts about Tezuka's works.

Below are some of the great blog posts written by other people for Tezuka MMF. Please be sure to leave a comment on their blog if you like what you read!

If you saw any really cool Tezuka MMF posts during February that you'd like to share, feel free to drop a link or two in the comments section. I'd love to read them!