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Monday, April 16, 2012

AMV Of The Week: Encore

This week’s AMV is a weird pick for me, because it is based around the .hack//G.U. trilogy. And I absolutely hate the G.U. storyline! It's my least favorite part of the .hack canon. And yet, the vid editor has taken a series I normally dislike and created a wonderful, energized AMV that almost makes me want to like G.U. (almost). It still looks pretty amazing, though!

AMV: Encore
Author: ChronisOfTheTwilight
Music: Celldweller's "The Last Firstborn [Listen Redux (TwilightChrono Remix)]"
Warnings: Flashing lights, quickly cut-together edited clips, depictions of violence and psychosis. Might be spoilers for the G.U. storyline.