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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Anyone Up For A News Round-Up?

Why? Because.
Geez, I haven't done one of these in a long time! Well, here comes a most delicious link spam of news and like minded discoveries! Including news about a series I'll be reviewing come tomorrow, about a certain magic user and his sexy armored reincarnated saber lady friend - yeah, now it's kind of obvious, innit?

  • I'm sure many people will be excited about this one. Little Busters! is finally getting an anime adaptation. So, LB! fans can stop flooding MyAnimeList forums about the lack of LB anime, right? 
  • Even more Little Busters! news: the series will feature the original songs from the visual novels, sung by game artist Rita. Oh, and it'll be produced by J.C. Staff instead of KyoAni. Cue the entire fandom pitching a fit! Wah, why don't y'all make anime my way!
  • One Peace Books (heard of 'em? Yeah, neither had I!) is going to re-release, of all titles, the Crayon Shin-chan manga - or at least the first three volumes. And the covers look pretty sweet!
  • Wave Corporation is giving Fate/Stay Night fans something to really appreciate: a 1/10 scale figure of Saber in a swimsuit. Aww, yeah. And for 47 dollars? Why not?
  • Yuu Watase fans and stage play fans can rejoice. Absolute Boyfriend is getting a stage adaptation, due to hit Japan early next year. Sadly, it's not a Takarazuka Revue production.
  • For Haruki Murakami fans, SF Bay Guardian Online has a great interview with Jay Rubin and J. Philip Gabriel, Murakami's translators. Their most recently translation was Murakami's 900+ epic tale of parallel worlds, 1Q84 (which everyone should read!)