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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hiatus Notice (8/20 - 8/26)

Due to school starting this week and real life obligations getting preference over hobbies, I'll have to put Nagareboshi Reviews on a week-long hiatus. I'm not abandoning y'all completely, believe me! I just would like to focus on my studies and duties as a college newspaper contributor before returning to my reviewing stomping grounds.

The blog will be back Monday, August 27th, with all new posts and episode blogs on the events of Accel World and NakaImo as well as manga reviews and news posts.

So please don't forget me in the meanwhile! As long as there are mysterious imoutos and ability-stealing Brain Burst users to blog about, I will never truly be gone from your Google Reader feeds!

Well, this is a rather downer post. Um. Enjoy this adorable picture of Maru!