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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Story So Far: NakaImo

NakaImo episode 5: He thought it was over but his little sister keeps calling. Shogo discovers someone else has the same prototype phone as Konoe.
NakaImo episode 6: Lyrical Sisters is on the verge of shutting down, Shogo puts together and executes a plan worthy of the Mikadono name.
NakaImo episode 7: Using the school broadcast system, Shogo’s “sister”, has requested he stops looking for her or she will reveal damaging secrets. (Source: Crunchyroll)
My god, it's back! The NakaImo blogging has returned! Because I am very much sure that what Nagareboshi Review readers have missed most of all during my week-long hiatus is a continual blogging schedule around the wonders of moe incest roulette. Right? Yes! And here we come with a trio of episodes sure to both entertain and make you bang your head against the wall with its consistent plot holes and Shougo's continual refusal to actual talk to any of the girls he considers his imouto in order to wind down the list of candidates. Ah, anime! Let us continue.

Here's what you missed on Glee Who Is Imouto?: After a whole rigamarole about who is imouto, Konoe revealed herself to be the mysterious voice on the phone as well as Shougo's childhood friend. Also, super tsundere Miyabi has officially set her sights on Shougo's rich ass, making Konoe her rival in love. But the true imouto is still out there, lurking about in the darkness, calling Shougo up at inopportune times to taunt him with her 'onii-chan' routine. And that's what you missed on OHAYOU, ONII-CHAN?! - I mean, One Of These Girls Wants To Incest Marry Me!
So, NakaImo returns in full force with the mystery of Imouto as well as a new story arc, this one centered around the owner of the moe cosplay shop Lyrical Sisters, Sagara Mei. This is something I've been looking forward to a lot! Sagara is one of those characters I've been hoping NakaImo would expand upon, and the show did not disappoint. It revealed the true Sagara - who is apparently super crafty and clever, and a genius to boot.
It was also a good arc for Shougo to show why he's aiming so hard for the Mikadono company head title and why he deserves it. When he wants something, he works as hard as he can to get it, and he understands that sometimes it involves making deals and greasing the wheels a bit in order to get there. In a few years, Shougo just might end up being a fine businessman.
It was an actual pleasant twist at the end of episode six to find out Sagara knows who Shougo's little sister is - and is friends with her to boot. She refuses to reveal the girl's name until Shougo proves he is strong enough to protect his imouto from the members of the Mikadono family who would not be as accepting as him. To no one's surprise, Shougo agrees; it is only halfway through the series, after all - we can't know imouto's identity too soon! At least Shougo is concerned about his sister having friends, as he asks Sagara to keep being close and protecting of the mystery imouto.
And then we got episode seven, possibly the most bizarre one yet. Just look at the first half of it: epic fanservice in the name of romantic rivalry, DNA tests, water sports jokes, cotton-swab based sexual innuendo, and a very deep misunderstanding of where the mucous membrane is (yes, Konoe seems to be the top pervert of this show so far, even if she can't admit it herself).
But everything really explodes when Imouto herself takes to the school PA, threatening to expose Shougo's secrets if he continues on his path to reveal her true identity. And of course, she chooses to do this while Shougo is being questioned on his plan to take over the Mikadono Group. Timing is everything, y'all!
Somehow, this prank translates into the formation of a campus morality police, with Shougo as one of its officers. Yeah, this turn of events makes little sense, but it's NakaImo, so let's roll with it. Along with the fact that this is the third Imouto sighting, and at this rate it's bound to be another red herring. 
Besides, it's probably that mysterious black-haired girl who showed up with the group of businessmen that smiled at Shougo. Calling it now: it's either her or – wait for it – little miss tsundere Miyabi. Yes, I've still got my eye on her. Childhood friend my ass. And she did not submit to the DNA test, which may end up being a throw-away moment that will end up being pretty darn important.
Yet again, this is NakaImo we're talking about. All these supposed hints will probably end out adding up to nothing. Plot continuity? Story line twists that make sense? Ha! You must be thinking of some other incest-related harem anime. Have fun, though!
PS - If I could get an animated gif of Rinka doing her odd Sentai-like dance around Shougo and Konoe on the grass, that person would receive my unending gratitude.
You can always watch streaming subbed episodes of NakaImo at Crunchyroll here.