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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

801 Day Is Here (Again)!

Yes, once again it is yaoi day, the day where all rotten girls rejoice and read a ton of yaoi manga like it's boys' love Christmas or something. Fun, right? Yes.
As usual, Digital Manga is kicking off 801 day right with their Yaoi Day trivia Twitter contest, in which they're giving away copies of their BL manga for the right answer at the right time. You will have to follow @digitalmanga and tweet the right answer as soon as the question is asked to win, so you'll probably want to keep their Twitter open in a separate tab!

Update: Also, Viz's SuBLime imprint is hosting its own yaoi giveaway, including digital manga and several drama CDs. All you have to do is comment! Oh, and be 18 years of age or older. Should be fun!
You can also read fellow blogger Otaku Champloo's post for 801, wonderfully titled "Hello. I am a Fujoshi. Today's my day." Although I think "coming out" as a fan of yaoi is language appropriated from the LGBT movement, her thoughts about letting people in real life know her taste in manga are definitely worth reading!
For those looking for something deliciously boys' love today, I have a list of recs below, all readily available for purchase in English from legitimate publishing companies. Enjoy!