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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

PR: DMP Joins Comic Publishers On Apple's iBookstore

"I" Manga on iBooks - Digital Manga joins the ranks with other comic publishers on Apple’s iBookstore

Gardena, CA (August 7, 2012) Helping to expand the manga library on Apple’s iBookstore, Digital Manga jumps in to add their backlist of digital content to the ever-popular App on iTunes. Listing their titles in the Comics & Graphic Novels category, specifically in the recent “manga” section created by Apple, Digital Manga titles are now available for purchase for iBooks customers.

Digital Manga’s titles are optimized, fixed-layout ebooks for the iBookstore, which are also designed to allow you to jump to the other side of the book to start your reading in the right-to-left eastern reading format common for reading most manga—combined with iBooks’ superb reading interface, this gives customers a richer experience to reading manga on the Apple iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch. Download the iBooks app, ( ) available for free in the App Store.

“We like to accommodate to Apple’s high standards, so we handpicked the best selection from our back list to launch our titles on iBooks.” – Fred Lui- VP Publishing and Digital Content

Digital Manga titles will include selections from their DMP, Juné, and DMG imprint and are priced between $2.99 - $12.99. For a direct link to all Digital Manga books available on iBooks (through iTunes) click here, or go to: ( )

The first following 25 titles are now available, with more in the next weeks and months to come:
Vampire Hunter D vol.1-6
Itazura Na Kiss Vol. 1-2
Let’s Draw Manga – Fantasy
Let’s Draw Manga – Using Color
Erementar Gerade Vol.1-12
Hush A Bye Baby
Late Advent vol.1

Vampire Hunter D vol.1

Let’s Draw Manga - Fantasy
Itazura Na Kiss Vol. 1
Erementar Gerade Vol.1

For a web browser listing of available manga, including Digital Manga titles, go to the following link which will take you to the manga section under the Comics & Graphic Novel category in iBooks: BooksComics & Graphic NovelsManga :
For a listing of available manga directly in iBooks (from iTunes), including Digital Manga titles go to:

Or to view more of Digital Manga’s titles on iBooks, you can also search keywords: Digital Manga

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