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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Manga Review: Blue Exorcist GN 7

Blue Exorcist volume 7
Author: Kazue Kato
Viz Media/Shonen Jump
190 pages
Mamushi and Todo now have both eyes of the Impure King and are headed for the temple that was once the center of the Myodha sect. Mamushi wants to seal the eyes away, but may be too late to realize Todo’s true purpose—the awakening of the Impure King! Meanwhile, Rin learns more about Father Fujimoto’s connection to Tatsuma and the origin of the Koma Sword. Rin will need the weapon and all of his strength to face the terrible power of the Impure King!(Source: Viz Media)
Oh, Blue Exorcist. Stop making me feel things about bald monks with heroic complexes and overwhelming supernatural burdens! Also, priests that are super hot and super unorthodox, i.e. Fujimoto-san and his ever-present cigarette. This volume of Ao No Exorcist is full of plot stuff, character development, friendship, odd demon-fueled family drama, and Mephisto being Mephisto and putting everyone else to shame in terms of dramatic entrances. As Rin confronts his own personal demons, actual demons are coming towards the Impure King with less than pure intentions...

First of all, if you love the Suguro clan, this book is your legit number one jam. You will probably end up marrying it, if you can drive to the chapel through your manga-induced river of tears. Both Ryuji and his father, Tatsuma, take up a good share of the story, and there's reason why. It is Tatsuma's story in the letter written to Rin that reveals the secret of the Impure King, the Koma Sword, and the great and terrible power which exists within the Suguro line. You really feel for Ryuji when he learns of the things his father has been hiding from him for so many years.
Also, as much as this book is about Ryuji, it is also about Rin, although his issues are more internal. In order to save the day, he will have to face his personal issues concerning his blue flames and demon blood and how both of these powers affect his loved ones, including those he had sworn to protect. There is still an issue of trust as well, as Rin feels obligated to regain the trust of his Cross Academy colleagues. Well, except for Shiemi, who pretty much loves everyone, especially those with the surname of Okamura.
Rin is the spawn of Satan in a world where his kind is reviled completely; he still feels like he has to confirm to his friends and classmates that he won't hurt them or end up causing a second Blue Night. Rin is constantly assuming he must prove himself, but in this current crisis, he feels that more than ever. The next time Rin unleashes the fury of the Koma Sword, his enemy better take heed. Rin is in no mood to mess about.
Rin's origins are no longer secret, and now the secret of the Impure King and Rin's sword can join it in the pantheon of terrible information that will certainly hurt folks in the process. Again, Ryuji is affected - but so is Mamushi Hodo, who is being used by Saburota Todo to gain access to the eyes and in turn the King. She learns the truth behind the legends of Myudah - and all too late realizes that Hodo is not the man she thought he was. I'm not even mad at Mamushi; I more pity her than anything. Also, the whole 'missing an eye' thing is bad enough. Girl, get that looked at before it gets infected, please.
The art in this book is pretty killer. I love how Kazue Kato draws action sequences, especially flames and blood. Mephisto's flamboyancy is also in full force this volume, and the art really supports it. I don't think that man can arrive anywhere in any sort of normal fashion. Speaking of color, the full color cover art is precious and adorable. I just want to reach in and give Konekomaru a big ol' hug, that bald headed cutie. And look at all the awesome maneki neko!

Next volume is gonna be awesome, no way around it. It's gonna be an intense page-to-page sword and magic slug fest, and Rin's gonna swing Koma around like he was born to do it. And maybe, just maybe, all the good guys will get their happy ending. Prayer circle for the Suguro clan! At this point, they've been through enough.