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Friday, December 13, 2013

Return From Hiatus: You Can (Not) Reblog

Finals + campus paper production + real life shenanigans = no time to blog? That's what it seems like around Nagareboshi Reviews, which has resembled a deserted town populated by tumbleweeds over the past couple of weeks. And with no official notice of hiatus, it must have seemed desolate indeed...

Don't worry; the blog is back! My hiatus is over and I've come to start blogging about manga and anime yet again! And in case you think I may be lacking materials to cover, look upon my current To Be Read manga stacks and despair. Despair, I say!

Above: I've got several hentai titles wedged between Twin Spica and
Children of the Sea. Cognitive dissonance for the win.
Note: this doesn't even cover the library lent manga I also have, which may equal one of those stacks. Let it be known: there shall be manga reviews! And they shall be awesome! I really love blogging so I'm ready to get back into the groove of things.