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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hey Hey, It (Was) Knishmas!

Art by doujin circle getsumen-spiral.
So yesterday was Christmas and I'm sure many otaku's dreams were made true with what they found under the tree (or wherever Madokami dropped their gifts this year). Perhaps you spent your Christmas watching anime or drinking with friends or pretending to enjoy the company of your extended family or fighting robots in Tokyo. Personally, I spent yesterday playing Pokemon on the DS and watching Adventure Time and Mel Brooks films - because why have a traditional Christmas if it's not gonna be fun, right?

I've got a picture of my Christmas loot here - funny enough, the only anime-related item I got was Pokemon Black for DS, which I've since started and geez. Three-on-three battles? The Pokemon Center and Mart have merged? First battle of the game is in your bedroom? And it wouldn't be Pokemon without a crazy cult of villain types determined to change the Pokemon world, usually for the worst. And I've met N, who seemed to be Pokemon fandom's personal favorite for the longest time.

Share what you got for Christmas/Giftmas in the comments! Bonus if you provide pics :)