Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Briefs Masterpost: Washed Right Out

So! It had come to my attention that I did not have a masterpost for my current Wednesday Brief flash fiction series, Washed Right Out. Consider that wrong righted! Below are the links to every individual installment of the series so far. This post will be updated every time there is a new chapter, and a link to this post will be sticky-noted on the sidebar of the blog for future reference. Hopefully, this makes things easier for everyone!

Washed Right Out: a romantic comedy horror drama slice-of-life cautionary tale with hair styling, casual stalking, sexy photoshoots and men who grow flowers. Work in progress. Chapter with an asterisk is the most current installment.

Chapter OneChapter TwoChapter ThreeChapter FourChapter FiveChapter SixChapter SevenChapter EightChapter Nine | Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven | Chapter Twelve | Chapter Thirteen | Chapter Fourteen*

Five Short Rinses: A companion piece to Washed Right Out's main story, with five brief glimpses at characters and a few pivotal moments in their personal histories. It is recommended you read up to chapter 14 of WRO before reading this one-shot.

Five Short Rinses

One Long Drink: The second companion piece of Washed Right Out, centered around Riley and Eren after work. If you have read Riley's first whole scene at his work, which spans several chapters, you can read this. Specific chronology is wonky so read at your own risk if a clear timeline is important to you.

One Long Drink

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