Monday, June 25, 2012

AMV Of The Week: Run Devil Run

This week's AMV is a big fun unusual Kuroshitsuji fan vid that will certainly please fujoshi and Ciel/Sebastian fans. A clever mix-up of anime, manga, and special effects makes this one of my favorite Kuroshitsuji fanvids yet.

Also, for SNSD fans wondering what the eff, read the video's notes for the history of "Run Devil Run" and how it actually started with Ke$ha, not Girl's Generation.

AMV: Run Devil Run
Author:  CeliaPhantomhive
Music: Ke$sha's "Run Devil Run"
Warnings:  Flashing lights, occasional strobe, quickly edited clips, scenes from the manga that may be seen as 16+ content.

PS: I think SNSD did a better version of this single, but the demo version works better with this video. You are, of course, free to disagree!

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