Sunday, August 10, 2014

Link Spam For Those Of Us Not At Otakon 2014

Listen, I wish I could be at Otakon with the rest of y'all but I can't. And that sucks! But in the mean time, I'll share some cool blog links and articles I've come across in the past month. Enjoy the fruits of my wandering eyes.

  • Manga Therapy wrote about the manga series Stretch, a slice-of-life story about daily exercise, especially stretching. As someone trying to work more fitness stuff into my day-to-day routine, I'd love to read it eventually. I'd hope that someone would eventually publish it in English, but considering the sales reputation of sports-and-fitness manga in North America, I'm not holding my breath.
  • I believe this has been on sale at recent major comic conventions, but you can officially buy the FUJOSPORTS! Comic Anthology online: "six sports-themed comics injected with a distinctly female gaze". Do want! And it's only thirteen bucks per copy.
  • Organization Anti-Social Geniuses has a great post up on what they learned from starting a blog after entering its third year. So many great points for anime and manga bloggers, if not bloggers of all stripes, are in that OASG post. The idea that blogging is dying is a worrisome one, but I don't see it as a death knell - more like a challenge to do better.
  • Just in time for con season, Reverse Thieves has uploaded a podcast on how to run a panel. Even if you've been running panels forever, this episode of the Speakeasy is an invaluable resource for the kind of geek who finds standing in front of total strangers and pontificating about anime a cool thing to do (damn, I miss running panels!).

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