Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This Song Is Now Stuck In Your Head: Everything Is Awesome!!!

Always behind everyone else in terms of pop culture, I spent today waiting for a cable technician to fix my DVR box and, in the meantime, watching the Lego Movie. I remember when the trailer came out, no one I knew in real life wanted to watch it. Which meant I was out of luck to see it in theater until now! Thank God for Netflix.

But wow, it was so much fun. I found it charming and humorous and the ending - which I imagine split audience opinion over whether it fit or not - really drove home the message of the whole film, especially if you grew up with Legos and making your own models from the pre-set kits. Plus, a lot of really good voice acting, especially from Chris Pratt and Will Farrell.

But yeah, I think we all can agree one of the best bits was the music. Then again, the score was composed Mark Mothersburg and "Everything Is Awesome!!!" has Tegan and Sara and the Lonely Island (that's not a typo, the official track name has THREE EXCLAMATION POINTS). I'm too lazy to link to it, but Batman's mixtape for Wyldstyle cracked me up, too.

Seriously though, why did I wait so long to watch this? It was, well . . . awesome. (Awesome!!!)

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