Sunday, August 25, 2013

News: Yen Press Makes Reki Kawahara Fans Happy

It feels like just a few days ago, I was gripping about the lack of Sword Art Online print material available in English - and I know that last year, I was saying the same about Accel World's source material. Funnily enough, the one manga company I didn't mention has come in and saved us from a Kawahara-lacking existence. Thank you, Yen Press! Should I start sending them Christmas cards now? Ones with Kuroyukihime on them?

Ahem. So, while at Japan Expo, Yen Press dropped a few license acquisitions onto their eager readers, including another Madoka Magica manga and - yes! - the manga for Sword Art Online as well as the light novels for Sword Art Online and Accel World. Considering that light novels aren't exactly big sellers in North America, this is truly a great sign from Yen Press that they have faith in SAO/Accel World fans to support their favorite series with their wallets.

(And speaking of Yen Press' light novels, pick up Spice & Wolf and Kieli while you're pre-ordering Reki Kawahara's works! Let Yen Press know otaku will buy light novels so they'll license more series! Hey, you do want Durarara!! light novels - right?)

You can find release dates of the SAO/Accel World books at the ANN article. Sorry, nothing is coming out until 2014!

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